“I am the biggest fan of Rivka Zaide and Raz Labs products, they’ve completely solved my skin problems! My skin glows and looks and feels fantastic"

- Maya Goren, 26


"Rivka Zaide has an amazing products and an amazing skin clinic and I drive about two-and-a-half hours to three hours to come. And it’s worth it! ”

- Rita Banjo, 52


"The Rivka Zaide products are great, I love especially the transformation cream, and I have noticed a real difference in my skin after only using them a short time".

-Bella Baynov, 58


“People are saying what have you done? Are you using Botox? Are you using a filler? And I tell them no, I’m using Rivka Zaide.” 

-Irit Bitton, 51


"My results were amazing. My skin tone is even. There’s no redness. I feel like I have a glow to my skin.”


-Sigalit Amar, 42